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Murder of a Sunset Strip Smut King

Jim Linderman story of the murder of William Door, Smut King of Sunset Strip appears in Paraphilia Magazine HERE

Protect Yourself: Venereal Disease Posters of WWII by Ryan Mungia.

Ryan Mungia an archivist, editor, and small press publisher who recently published a book called Protect Yourself: Venereal Disease Posters of WWII.  He is also an amazing visual artist who recognizes graphic art for it's social impact and beauty.  As small press books usually are, it reveals non-mainstream insights.  Mungia's most recent collection reveals the enormous public health program designed to protect our soldiers from another enemy…

While spreading democracy and literally saving the world, our solders were human…and susceptible to dangers other than man-made implements of destruction.  Mungia's book collects over 50 striking posters from the war against VD.  He also provides the history. 

The images were culled from six different archives from across the United States and are beautifully reproduced.
-The admen on Madison Avenue were consulted by the government on the design of VD posters, which is why many of them strangely resemble magazine ads of the day.
-The posters' charm comes from the juxtaposition of striking design and a shocking, oftentimes extreme message.
-Many of these posters have never been seen and/or published.
-The government thought if enough men were incapacitated by VD, it would effect our ability to win the war.
-Homosexuality is not addressed in the posters (keeping consistent with social mores of the time)
-The posters are to be regarded as propaganda. Education was not the primary concern.
-This represents the last time when posters were used to reach the masses. They have since been replaced by newer forms of media.

The book is published in a small edition and will go quickly.  It contains an essay by Jim Heimann.

More information on Protect Yourself: Venereal Disease Posters of WWII is available HERE at the BOYOPRESS website and books are available at select locations HERE.

Bilbrew Goes Gay Depicting Homosexual Behavior on Pulp Paperbacks in the 1950s and 1960s

No one depicted the somewhat (then) shady underworld of gay culture in the 1950s and 1960s like Gene Bilbrew.  A taboo world for thousands upon thousands of men who eventually turned their underground culture into a noble struggle for rights.  Hilarious stereotyped and quirky depictions to be sure.  As goofy as the books look today, they played an undeniable, if small role in our coming of age.

Unfortunately, there are still states passing laws of discrimination.  Backwards states which are bastions of resistant but dying beliefs.  Scared of the future.  Politicians thinking they will gain points by preserving the worst persistent discriminatory practices.  The same politicians who wish to overturn a woman's right to choose, and the same states with voters who wish for a return to a world which never really existed...one based on bigotry,  misunderstanding and falsehoods.

I don't need to worry that these books encouraged the discrimination, as the dominant culture didn't see them.  Sold by sleazy pioneers of equality.  They aimed at the market,  but charged criminal prices for the privilege of reading what was then against the law.  

Still, what life and humor Bilbrew brought to the material!  These books are all 50 years old.  Some parts he got right, some wrong, but you can not deny the fascinating way in which he depicted the scene.  Can you judge a book by the cover?  In this case, unlike those books with a hint of the taboo from major publishers, there is no question here what is happening between the pages.  

The books are quite scarce today.  Unfortunately, the readers then had to hide the books, store them with the spine turned inward...secrete them from neighbors, the authorities, even family members.  They had small print runs then, and are for the most part gone today.

Goofy depictions of a part of life which is here and always was...but never portrayed with an artistic bent as striking and demented as the artist Eugene Bilbrew.  

The work of Eugene Bilbrew will be included in the forthcoming book Times Square Smut which discusses the social and cultural impact of a small group of publishers, artists and models who pushed the sexual limits during the 1950s of New York City.

Lilly Christine AKA Martha Theresa Pompender tries out for Sheena Queen of the Jungle

Lilly Christine performs her voodoo dance in 1956.  Lilly owned any stage she danced on.  Ms. Christine tried out for the role of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, once for a 1950s TV show, once for the big screen. Unfortunately, Irish McCalla got the first one, the second was never made.

Lilly Christine series of performance photographs published in Picture Digest June 1956.

Watch Irish McCalla, the woman they cast instead (and her monkey) below!

Cuddle Bug Magazines aren't what they used to be #418 Cuddle Bug

Something everyone needs...a cuddle bug.  
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The Rare Digests Number 51 Tana Louise in Bandit In High Heels Burmel Publishing and Exotique

Bandit in High Heels, no date, was part of the continuing demented line extensions of Leonard Burtman's Exotique series.  As usual, featuring his wife Tana Louise, here shown towering over Maureen, the "bandit" who hid in her apartment.  Preposterous beyond all reason, but with pictures a plenty to inspire the transvestite cross-dressing community.  Burtman's slogan had become "A new type of photo-fiction" for some unknown reason.  The considerable text, using phases like "her thighs were plump and creamy" would appeal to any man, but it was men who dressed like women who were increasingly becoming Burtman's audience.

Issues of his Exotique Magazine are still being offered in this digest. Interestingly, Lenny was also selling "all 36 chapters" of Tana Louise posing in actual photographs for the serial Deborah. The price?  Twenty-five dollars, a figure equivalent to nearly  TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS today. That would have been about the price of the television Maureen hides behind her. Save your pennies, you sexual rebels, or stick with the digests.  This was sold through the mail for a buck or two, and likely marked up a few more in Times Square.
Consisting of detailed passages objectifying the clothes rather than the women, this material is hardly misogynistic, and to lump Burtman's material here into porn would be a mistake.  It is far more role play and underwear advertisement.  

No Date, circa 1960 Bandit in High Heels Exotique Burmel Publication.  Collection Victor Minx.


Top Ten "Big Ten-Inch" Filthy Records your Granparents Had.

Party Records.  Big ten inch 78rpm records some jerk always lugged to a party under his arm that your grandparents attended.  Funny then, funny now.  Sometimes confiscated by the moral guardians!  They know better than you, after all. As soon as ANY technology could...it was used to tell a dirty story.  You will note only one has a copyright?  These generally had none.  The lowlifes who sold them didn't want to advertise it. Hence, only record collecting nerds have them today. 

Group of original 10 inch 78rpm "Party Records" collection Victor Minx
Books, ebooks and Instant PDF downloads by the author available HERE

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Circa 1935 "Instruction Manuel" Collection Victor Minx
Books, Ebooks and PDF Downloads available HERE

Eugene Bilbrew AKA ENEG surrounds a corset with Fetish Sprites

The Bizarre mind of Eugene Bilbrew and his steady hand create a fetish corset fantasy for Leonard Burtman.  Circa 1960  See also TIMES SQUARE SMUT the book on the way.  Books in Print currently
with free previews HERE

Watch her Wiggle Pin Up "Coin" with Lenticular Motion Erotic Novelty

Coin with Lenticular Motion Erotic Novelty 

Jennie Lee, the Bazoom Girl behind the scenes. Miss 44 and Plenty More

Jennie Lee Hicks, the famous burlesker. 
Jennie Lee The Bazoom Girl in action and with tired feet.  The star of "She Dood it in Dallas" folks.  Miss 44 and Plenty More.

Bettie Page Vintage Postcards Compiled

Since it is December, what better time to present the Bettie Page Postcards.  Florida awaits!

Timeless beauty.  I know this because at least one was still being printed 20 years after Bettie Page quit modeling!   The most absurd, of course, is the New Orleans card which used a Bunny Yeager photograph and added a reptile.  Daytona Beach got into the act too…Bettie is the only beauty with black hair in the bevy of beauties on the beach.  The best way to obtain cards is by finding the 'BETTY PAGE POSTCARD BOOK" which was produced in 1996 by Tashen.  Some joint called Zazzle sells a dozen or more, but they are modern and the pictures are images which were not used on original vintage cards.  I have tried not to include any modern cards.

Who shot Ms. Page for Postcards?  B. Amaddeus Rubel did, a prominent Florida photographer and H. W. Hannau, also notable.  Of course, Bunny Yeager.  I believe the vintage shots used were taken in 1954. Most, of course, had a slogan:

"One of our attractions in Florida, Besides oranges, sunshine,  beaches, etc."

"A Saucy Cutie Waits for You" (Bunny Yeager) produced and printed in sunny West Nyack, NY in " Genuine Natural Color by Dexter Press"

"It's Great to Be Here" (On a GIANT postcard which required 3 cent postage) published by Lunsterchrome from the Tichnor brothers in Boston

"Sea Sprite"

"Sunshine and Beauty"

"Beautiful Outlook"


"Beauty in the Breeze"

There are certainly more.  I cribbed these images from the web except for my own, a gift from a kindly woman in Florida.  Which is where ALL Bettie Page postcard should be mailed from.