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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

Times Square Smut the BOOK by Jim Linderman

Available SOON from Blurb.com and Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books.  Times Square Smut by Jim Linderman.  The True Story of 72 books the Supreme Court decided you could not purchase, own or read and one collector's efforts to find them all.  The curious band of artists, models, publishers and mobsters who created a sexual revolution in 1950s Times Square, New York.  250 Pages with 400 illustrations.  Fall 2014 in Hardback, Paperback and Ebook 

Jitterbug Jazz Date with a Hot Seat Magazines Aren't what they USED to Be #53 Vintage Sleaze the Blog Real Detective Edition

A special edition of the continuing series Magazines Aren't What They USED to Be here on Vintage Sleaze the Blog, in which we attribute the decline of magazine rack sales not to the internet, but to a serious lack of lurid cover artists!  

Real Detective!  Every word true.  

This installment needs no text, as the pulpy pulps do it for us, but if you are interested in the genre, the essential book in the field was published in a glorious edition of 3,000 copies in 2006.  Cyanide and Sin: Visualizing Crime in 50s America by Will Straw.  The book is a KILLER.  As for the issues above, all were cribbed from a typical day on eBay.  MY favorite Newstand! 


THE COMPLETE LADY BOUNTIFUL BY Eugene Bilbrew as ENEG Peerless sales New York

As master illustrator Eugene Bilbrew apparently fell deeper into drug addition, his work took a turn for the worse seen often with illustrators. Less detail, a less sure hand, repeated themes and an overall slapdash appearance. Still packing a powerful punch (if  here one coming from a somewhat tired looking Amazon walking the streets of New York) the 4 page serials sold for several dollars each. Some illustrators took to heroin to help hold their hands steady for detail work.   

Bilbrew, as ENEG, drew dozens of these cheap fetish stories sold through Peerless Press and possibly for Candor Press, both operating out of the lower Broadway section of Manhattan.  Eric Stanton drew for the houses as well, as did some lesser known (and lesser talented)  They were done in the 1960s and into the 1970s. Some were one sheets folded, others came on card stock in sequence.  Cheap product.  One set had a Bilbrew cover, but a far less talented artist did the remaining pages.  Low Quality from lower Broadway.

Lady Bountiful By ENEG (Eugene Bilbrew) Numbr 188. circ1960-1970 Collection Victor Minx

A Naked Woman Carved from a Peach Pit

Yes folks, step right up!  A Nude Woman with Rhinestone Pasties carved from a Peach Pit!  Even Abe Lincoln seems amazed, and he should be.  This little (nay, microscopic) miracle of precision carving and a fevered brow comes to us from the astounding shop of the amazing and curious CURLEY'S DEN of ANTIQUES.

Vintage Sleaze BOOK OF THE WEEK

BOOK OF THE WEEK is SECRET HISTORY OF THE BLACK PIN UP: WOMEN OF COLOR FROM PIN UP TO PORN Now available in Paperback or Ebook!  Paperback is $24.99 and Ebook is $5.99 order HERE

Irving Klaw Blond with Whip and Opera Gloves

Detail from an early Irving Klaw photograph which sold on eBay.  Irving Klaw Blond with Whip and Opera Gloves. Books and $5.99 ebooks by the author of Vintage Sleaze the Blog available HERE.

Books One CAN Judge by The Cover (!)

Books One CAN Judge by The Cover.  A few of Fabian Books Greatest Hits.